Toni M. Blake has testified as an expert witness for change of venue motions and on jury selection for death penalty post conviction hearings. She has served on the faculty for the Monterey Death Penalty Conference for many years as well as the Defense Investigators Training Academy. She speaks several times a year for the California Public Defenders Association and the California Attorneys for Criminal Justice as well as several other other local and national bar groups. Her work on false allegations of child abuse has been featured in Discover Magazine, the Chicago Tribune, American Bar Journal and on TV documentaries. She has also served as a technical advisor on criminal pathology for books and movies.

Extensive Trial Experience in:
  • Capital Cases (more than 25 Death Penalty Trials)
  • Battered Women Syndrome Cases
  • Murder Trials (40+)
  • Shaken Baby Syndrome” Cases (500+)
  • Sexually Violent Predator Cases (30+)
  • Diminished Actuality
  • Insanity Defense Cases
Some of our more notable cases:

Testimonial: “I would like to recommend Toni Blake, an excellent jury consultant, to anyone who has an important trial. After thirty years of law practice and over 60 jury trials, in my last trial I decided to use a jury consultant because my client was facing life without possibility of parole with many issues that would prejudice a jury.”

“I was fortunate enough to hire Toni Blake with 2nd Chair Services to assist in selecting a jury. I could not me more pleased with her comprehensive service and excellent insight. I will be reluctant to conduct a jury trial without her assistance in the future. Ms. Blake reviewed the discovery and analyzed the type of jury and goals in jury selection. She carefully examined the types of questions to ask the jurors. In this case she prepared a jury questionnaire. She summarized the jury responses in a chart that could be easily used in asking follow up questions.”

“Ms. Blake is extremely focused and perceptive. She noticed characteristics and possible juror prejudices that I had overlooked. I followed her advice and kept one juror who turned out to be the hold out.I cannot say enough positive things about Toni Blake. I will utilize her services in every future trial.” – Ronald Bobo, Esq., Attorney at Law