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Defender Resources for Allegations of Non Accidental Trauma 

One (1) Year Site Membership and Defenders Resources Manual on Childhood Head Injuries.

Defenders Resources Manual on Childhood Head Injuries includes:

  • Investigation Worksheet
  • List of Records to Subpoena
  • Expert’s Designation Decision Matrix and Letter
  • Sample Voir Dire Questions Jury Questionnaire
  • Sample Direct Examinations for Experts
  • Sample Cross Examination for Experts
  • List of Terms, Spellings and Authors for The Court Reporter
  • Glossary of Useful Medical Terms and Abbreviations
  • An Extensive Annotated Bibliography of the Top Scholarly Articles on:

Accidental vs. Intentional Trauma
Short falls
Retinal hemorrhages
Lucid intervals
Chronic Subdural Hematomas and Re-bleeds
Birth traumas

Testimonial: “I began working with Toni Blake in 2004.  Over the last 10 years she has guided me in my defense of 6 people, all falsely acccused of assaulting and/or causing the death of babies through violent shaking.  With Toni’s help, we convinced the State of Georgia to dimiss 3 of the cases after charges were filed; and, in the remaining 3 cases we won acquittals in jury trials.  Toni was the foundation of each defense we prepared.  She reviewed medical records, identified the critical issues, and recommended and helped locate the very best expert witnesses in the country.  When I am contacted by other attorneys for help in defending cases of Shaken Baby Syndrome, my first advice is ‘Call Toni Blake!'” – Douglas N. Peters, Esq., Peters, Rubin & Sheffield