The following content is for SBS / NAT Resource members only.

If you are interested in a membership please refer to our available packages below or visit our products and services page.

Tier 1: $200 Annual membership to Defenders Resources for NAT Allegations, 30 minute consultation and the SBS/NAT Defense Manual which includes:

  • Investigation worksheet
  • List of records to subpoena
  • Expert’s decision matrix and designation letter
  • Extensive bibliography
  • Sample voir dire
  • Jury questionnaire
  • Sample direct examination
  • Sample cross examination
  • Glossary of useful medical terms and abbreviations
  • Articles on:
    • Accidental vs. intentional trauma
    • Short falls
    • Retinal hemorrhages
    • Lucid intervals
    • Chronic subdurals and rebleeds
    • Birth traumas

Tier 2: $1000 for Ten (10) hours of review of medical discovery and:

  • Referral the appropriate experts for your case
  • Recommendation of articles and
  • Consultation on Direct Examination of your experts and transcripts or templates where applicable
  • Consultation on Cross Examination of their experts and transcripts or templates where applicable
  • Jury profiles
  • Tactical consultation
  • A listing on SBSDefense.com’s attorney referral page
  • Site Membership and SBS/NAT Defense Manual
  • Discounted hourly rate for any hours over the 6 hour package

Additional services available:

  • Teleconference with experts
  • Witness preparation
  • Writing of Directs and Crosses
  • Jury selection
  • Focus Groups (either virtual or live)
  • In-court trial consultation (will sit at counsel table and consult during trial)